2015-Present | Assistant Professor, Lehman College.
2013-2015 | Radiochemistry Research Scientist, Hunter College.
2010-2013 | Research Associate, Hunter College.
2005-2010 | Postdoc, Hunter College.
2004-2005 | Postdoc, U of Manchester, UK.
2001-2004 | PhD, U of Manchester, UK.


Dr Benjamin Burton-Pye

I believe that science should be simple, affordable and accessible. Trained as an analytical chemist, I specialize in synthetic chemistry and analytical applications of molecules.

Our lab is centered around studying luminescent systems towards developing better imaging agents through chemi, electro and persistent luminescence methodologies.

This spans using luminescence as a tool to understand the chemical speciation of lanthanides, actinides and other nuclear fuel byproducts in the environment.

Mentoring relationships have played a key role in my career, and by studying this relationship, we are working towards codifying co- and multi-mentorship models in interdisciplinary research settings.

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